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Colorado Buffalo Fusion Details

Newton Women's Motion 8 Specifications


  • * Weight (oz): 7.2
  • * Drop: 6.0mm
  • * Support: Neutral
Newton Women's Motion 8 Upper


  • *Anatomically designed 3-D engineered air mesh for sleek, breathable, seamless construction
  • *Built using premium, extremely durable recycled materials, each Shoe is made with the equivalent of more than 4 water bottles
  • *Plush collar-tongue-lacing system for a secure but luxurious fit
Newton Women's Motion 8 Sole Technology

sole technology

  • *Action/Reaction Technology tuned for movement in all directions
  • *Full-foot Newtonium cushioning
  • *Sculpted sole tuned for impact diffusion and responsive performance
  • *Crafted from sugarcane and specially formulated to biodegrade 4X quicker into helpful biomass to reduce plastic pollution

Sustainable Movement

Born in Boulder and energized with next generation materials, we’re proud to say the new Colorado Buffalo Fusion is one of the most versatile and groundbreaking Shoes ever made.

It sets a new standard for sustainable athletic footwear with a construction of sugarcane and premium recycled materials formulated to biodegrade up to 75% faster than standard Shoes.

Extremely lightweight and powered by Newton’s patented cushioning and energy return technology it brings an amazingly natural and lightweight feel to every step, and then makes sure those footprints disappear even faster.

CU Buffalo Limited Edition on feet

What Makes A Newton Unique?

CU Buffalo Limited Edition side view

Level Platform

Over time, many Shoe designs have become thicker and heavier with greater heel heights. Newtons put you in a more natural, level position that will help you move better, happier and healthier. The Buffalo Fusion is tuned for maximum versatility in performance or leisure.

CU Buffalo Limited Edition top view

Evolved Comfort

The seamless upper and skeletal tongue with multi-positional lacing system hold your foot softly and securely keeping you comfortable with whatever you choose to take on‚ the office, the gym, or on a run the Buff Fusion will help you glide through it all flying your school’s colors in style.

CU Buffalo Limited Edition bottom view

Action-Reaction Technology and Cushioning

The secret to Newtons is our patented Action-Reaction Technology, it creates a responsive trampoline-like cushioning system that absorbs more impact and loses less energy than traditional foam Shoes. The Buffalo Fusion’s technology package is tuned to maximize comfort and performance for movement in all directions.

CU Buffalo Limited Edition
CU Buffalo Limited Edition

Additional information

Weight 100.00 kg



M 11 / W 12.5, M 9.5 / W 11, M 11.5 / W 13, M 12 / W 13.5, M 12.5 / W 14, M 13, M 14, M 9 / W 10.5, M 4.5 / W 6, M 5 / W 6.5, M 5.5 / W 7, M 6 / W 7.5, M 6.5 / W 8, M 7 / W 8.5, M 7.5 / W 9, M 8 / W 9.5, M 8.5 / W 10, M 15, M 10 / W 11.5, M 10.5 / W 12

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